2017 Virtuous Women's Conference

2017 Virtuous Women's Conference

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2017 Virtuous Women’s Conference International conference with host and speaker Cynthia Brazelton.  This year’s event was themed, "The Year of Great Victory".  In this conference series the speakers cover topics such as Health and Wealth, Covenant vs Contract, and Fight Like a Girl!  In order to win in life, you need to know your spiritual weapons of warfare. 

Get ready to receive a dynamic word from our speakers who will impart to you the wisdom needed to live a victorious life.  Speakers include Cynthia Brazelton, Tony Brazelton, Taffi Dollar, Cynthia Marshall, Portia Taylor, Cynthia McKnight, Yvette Brinson, Sharon McQueen and Antoinette Brazelton.



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