Overcoming Offense Vol.2

Overcoming Offense Vol.2

  • 2000

Does it seem like people purposely do things just to get on your nerves? Do you sometimes wonder why others just don’t see things the way you see them or do things the way you do them? Do you find yourself always having to let people know how you feel? Before you affirmatively answer those questions you may want to ask yourself, “Is it really them or am I being influenced by the Spirit of Offense?”

Satan will do whatever it takes to stop God’s destiny from taking place in your life. And one of the ways he does this is through the Spirit of Offense. This Spirit causes us to react to people and situations in an ungodly manner. It causes triggers and buttons within us to be activated so we can be offended. This offense eventually leads to separation within our families, marriages, businesses, and all of life’s affairs.

In this timeless message from Tony Brazelton, you will learn how to quickly identify the Spirit of Offense, recognize where it comes from, know when it is in operation and learn how to eradicate it out of your life forever!

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