The Weight of Your Words

The Weight of Your Words

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Words are important and have power. This includes the words you speak and words spoken by others. As a born-again believer created in the image and likeness of God, you have the ability to set the atmosphere around you through the words you speak.

If those words are God’s words, they will set atmospheres of grace, peace, and blessing. If those words are other than what God said, they will set atmospheres of destruction, defeat, and failure—Satan’s main objective on this earth. Since the words you speak carry weight and power, you also have the ability to combat the harmful effects of “secondhand words,” which (like secondhand smoke) create a toxic environment for all who hear them. These secondhand words are any negative expressions, such as gossiping, complaining, or backbiting, that you have the power to choose to ignore or stand uncontested in your presence, regardless of whether they are directed at you or someone else.

 In this series by Pastor Cynthia Brazelton, you will learn how to transform chaos into order by casting down negative, unproductive words and replacing them with the Word of God.

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