Divine Change

Divine Change

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A new season is upon us—a season of great grace and great favor.  God is shifting gears so His people will see and experience things they’ve never experienced before.  In order for us to enjoy what God has for us, there has to be a shift in our lives.  In this 5 part series, Pastor Tony Brazelton explains this very shift as the Divine Change. He shares how change is necessary for progress, increase, growth and development and as everything in the earth goes through a process, or a change, we are simply going through the same for us to become what we were created to be. We’re on a journey.  Where God is taking us, there is no natural plan.

We want the new, the supernatural life so we must let go of the old! God is trying to bring us into a different reality from the one we’re living in—an opportunity to step into something new.  There is a divine change taking place.  Are you ready to be changed?  Listen to and take in this amazing teaching so you too can experience God’s Divine Change and walk in the abundant life already planned for you!


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