Ways To Strengthen Yourself In The Lord Vol. 2

Ways To Strengthen Yourself In The Lord Vol. 2

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God wants our every dream, hope, and desire to be fulfilled. The key to unlocking our destiny and who God has called us to be is tied to our ability to strengthen ourselves in the Lord. In this powerful series, Tony Brazelton reveals how to build your strength and overcome every obstacle the enemy puts in your way.

Many of the failures Christians experience are a result of not being strong in certain areas. Whether it is your marriage, children, health, or finances, you were made to be victorious in every area of your life. Don’t allow guilt, shame or sin to drain you of your strength. All the things God has spoken to you in your private time are yours. In Joshua 1:9, God commanded him to be strong and of good courage. God is commanding us to be the same way. He is looking for people to take possession of what He has promised. Are you ready to go to that next level? Learn how to become a strong believer today—your life will never be the same. 

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